In how much you will see the view of ‘Statue of Unity’

In how much you will see the view of ‘Statue of Unity’

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PM Modi unveiled the world’s longest statue of ‘Statue of Unity’ on Wednesday. This was the 133rd anniversary of former Deputy Prime Minister Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel.According to the Government of Gujarat, there is a possibility of an increase in tourism. Also, about 15,000 people will be able to see in one day.A tent city has also been inaugurated around ‘Statue of Unity’. Along with this, the valley of 17 kms of tall flowers has also been settled and a museum dedicated to Sardar Patel is also included.Within four kilometers of ‘Statue of Unity’, this city is located, in which 500 tourists can stay at one time.Visitors will be able to book tickets at online from Saturday. After this grand opening ceremony, it will be opened for tourists coming from November 3. Apart from this, tourists will also be able to see the ‘Great Building Complex’ nearby.At the same time, Adult’s entry fee is Rs 120, whereas for children of three to five years, this fee has been reduced to 60. If you book this ticket online or offline then you will be able to see many things together. Meanwhile, this entry is free for children under three years of age.This big idol of the world is located 90 kilometers from Vadodara city of Gujarat. You can reach directly through National Highway 11 and 6


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