Who is the owner of internet?

Who is the owner of internet?


Internet today we get the information of any thing punching, even if the question is uncertain, we do not have to face more problems in finding the answer but you never thought That is, who is the owner of the internet, if you have such a question in your mind or you want to go, today I am going to answer this to you.

Let me tell you in simple words that the internet is absolutely free. If you have knowledge then you can make your own internet. It sounds a bit weird to hear this but if you know what the internet is, then this is not strange. Will look.
Indeed, the Internet is a network created by combining many computers, which are interconnected with each other. If you connect every computer in your surroundings wirelessly or in a wireless way, then your own internet is ready there. You can exchange all the computers in this network
Now connecting the computer of the whole world is not the only thing of a common man, so to connect with all of these computers, some people have laid thick thick cables all over the world and it only ranges from oceans to jungles to mountains It is a matter of fact that money is needed to run such a large network, so it is connected with each other due to plateau. Those people who have laid these wires in the whole world, those who use the internet check their money in exchange for this and they earn from this.
Now you know that there is no owner of the Internet but it is absolutely free and nobody can make it. And you are giving the money you are paying instead of using the internet to give to the company who has kept vines in the whole world

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